Written by David Hawkins – In memory of his father, Signalman William Douglas Hawkins


Dear brave and dashing Exmouth
Now berthed in the quiet deep,
No more to brave the storm lashed sea
Time now to gently sleep.

Your precious charges, guard them well
Keep them, comrades true,
Brothers in arms till the end of time
In the silent, timeless blue

Those precious hearts, in eternal sleep
Your silent guns, a vigil keep,
Rest where danger can never reach,
In the sanctity of the sacred deep.

Sleep brave ship, let no shadow fall,
In the gentle embrace of the sea,
Forever vigilant, guarded still,
In this we remember thee.

Rest brave ship, sleep and dream
Of proud pennant and ensign flying,
Sailing home, decks lined with blue
With the wind from the shore, gently sighing.

Turn away now, from the battle’s dread,
Steer for home, full speed ahead,
Of courage let no mantle cloak
The Exmouth crew, our Hearts of Oak.


Letter from HMS Exmouth dated 16th January 1940

written by Coxswain Ernest Davies


letter from Ernest Davies, Coxswain HMS Exmouth 1940